From the time that you turn your tassel at your High School Graduation, one major change is going to take place in your writing and composition: you will shift from mainly essay-writing to the wonderful world of Research Papers! 

What’s the Difference Between Essays and Research Papers?

Some notable aspects of the essay:

  • Essays are generally written from a personal point-of-view
  • Essays generally are written from the first-person (I, me, we) 
  • Essays sometimes include a few quotes or facts
  • Essays might be written as a call to action

Some notable aspects of the Research Paper: 

  • Research Papers are not opinion-based; instead, they are academically-focused
  • Research Papers are written in the third person
  • Research Papers include an evaluation of the various scholarly views on the topic
  • Research Papers depend on direct and indirect quotes and references to support the claims made by the author

How do I get started writing my Research Paper?

Writing a research paper is a process. You do not simply open up a new document and begin typing. The work begins in the library (in-person, online, or preferably, a combination of both); you must gather your resources, create a thesis, and build an outline before you begin writing. When writing, remember, a research paper is highly-structured, and it must be documented properly. 


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